Works in Progress, from games jams and elsewhere. If you are interested in supporting the development of these projects get in touch.

Wonzie World is a cheeky, funny, cross-generational co-operative action game starring Tiger and Bee, two cute toddlers who will try anything to escape being kissed by their grandparents.

Shadowmaker explores a midsummer night from the perspective of a child wandering the shadows.

Nightwitches is based on the stories of the formidable women who flew ancient planes in WW2

Gilmore – facial recognition AR game for Global Game Jam 2014 made with Ben Trewhella, on a theme of looking through someone else’s eyes nb not a game for children!

Tick Tock Terror on the theme of Clockwork, starring Ada Lovelace and a clockwork croc, from my first jam, the XX Game Jam 2012

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