Wonzie World (aka Kissy Kissy)

Developed by a grandparent and play-tested by the grandchildren who inspired it, Wonzie World! is a cheeky, cute, funny, Beano-esque, cross-generational 2D action game designed for children and their grown-ups to play together. The two little characters, Tiger & Bee, are toddlers trying to escape their kissing grandparents, working co-operatively to find things that are lying around to build dens to hide in, collecting jelly beans on the way.

Wonzie World has its own website. If you like the look of it, Level 1 is available free now on Itch for you to download and play. Originally called Kissy Kissy, as that is what is chasing you, the game has been renamed as Wonzie World to better reflect it’s character and ethos as a world for children to explore dressed in their favourite outfits.

Wonzie World is family-friendly, encourages co-operative play, is quirky and fun with a serious underlying message about respecting children’s bodily autonomy. It’s a game for anyone who has ever run away from a relative intent on kissing them.

Wonzie World has been a hit with young playtesters, and has even inspired a few real life pillow dens.

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