Lux & The Shadowmaker Web Version Test

UPDATE: this page was written a while ago as a Private Thing for people who crowdfunded the game. It is now open to all who want a peek at the very first version of Lux & The Shadowmaker. There are lots of things to add and edit but the basic idea is there. It was made in two months with three of us finding our way, not always getting as far as we wanted, but achieving quite a lot as a novice team.

Several months later and I have a long list of things to do, not enough cash to pay experts, and am open to offers of help…


So this is what I wrote before:

I have finally worked out how to share this version of Lux & The Shadowmaker that was built over a week ago.  The game file that resulted from the first attempt at building the standalone game was so huge I could not upload it to my own website and did not think it made sense to ask you to download and test something so massive and unwieldy.

I didn’t look for a solution straightaway as I have been busy elsewhere, working and spending time catching up on domestic/parenting/grandmothering duties, but I was also a bit nervous about sharing with a wider audience. Today I am biting the bullet and hoping that you will enjoy having a look at the game so far, which is the result of two months work with an artist and a coder. They have now finished but I am still working on editing text and wanting to populate the landscape with more to explore and interact with. At the moment it is quite sparse but you can get a sense of how the game could unfold – nb did I mention you need to look for the magic acorn?

one magic acorn

It was Chris from Red Panda Audio who suggested that a webplayer version of the game could be smaller to download, and he’s right. So follow the link below to a private dropbox folder, download the files to your pc/mac, then you should be able to play this version of the game and get an idea of what it looks and feels like.


  • You should not have to join dropbox to download the folder/files
  • After downloading them all, click on the file that ends in .html and this should open a webbrowser window for the game
  • You will probably have to install the Unity Webplayer to play the game – just follow the links that it tells you to
  • On opening the game, read the help page – this is still a work in progress but the help will at least get you started with how to move around and interact with things
  • Please remember this is a work in progress, I am still writing texts and editing content, and there will be more sounds.


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