Anyone who watches films/drama/dance  will know how much the music and sounds contribute to the atmosphere of any piece. The same goes for games. It’s not just about sound effects, but about the ambience too. In my head I am building a whole world around the story of Lux and The Shadowmaker and I want to find a way to express as much of this world as possible in the game, not just through the landscape and characters and especially in the gameplay  but also through the audio. The more I get into the game (I am dreaming about how to make it) the more I realise how influenced I am by the fairy stories and animations from my childhood. The music that I would love to use in the game seems to express the story world for me: the magical and slightly otherworldly sound of Three Cane Whale. The songs of these talented Bristol-based instrumentalists make pictures in my head, I really can’t think of another way to describe it.

I am very pleased to say that Three Cane Whale have said I can use elements of their music (listen to Interlude 2 above) for the short promo video that I have to create for my crowdfunder campaign. The fund-raising now kicks off at the end of November so I have just under three weeks to pull together the images I want to share and the soundtrack and record a voiceover telling the story of the game.

I also hope to work out a way to use elements of their music in the game itself – in the meantime, head over to Three Cane Whale‘s website and have another listen. Let me know what pictures you see.

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