A lot has been happening recently in the world of games, death threats an’all, so it seems like now is an obvious time to come out as a woman making games. Here it is then, a sparse bit of information about my brand spanking new game idea, currently in development with support from the wonderful Bristol Games Hub:

Lux and The Shadowmaker

This will be a 3D game developed in Unity (that’s as tech as I’ll be for now) and you play the game as Lux, a child of about 9 years old, who is lured out into a midsummer, moonlit landscape by strange lights. Lux goes exploring, finding all sorts of magical creatures and having to fend off mysterious shadows. I won’t tell you more yet as that could spoil it for you, but I can say it will be aimed at a 12+ age group, as there may be some slightly disconcerting moments, but no gore.

Lux and The Shadowmaker grew out of the 2014 Arvon Writing for Games Course at Lumb Bank in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire; an inspiring week in a magical setting, with Lumb Bank and its landscape becoming an integral part of the game world as the idea developed, encouraged along by tutors David Varela and Jon Ingold.

It’s about to be a Queen of Code project on Crowdfunder, so I am scurrying around pulling all the pieces together, and will be sharing thoughts and updates here.

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