I’ve always had a bit of a thing about shadows.

Shadow of net curtain

These days I am (mostly) too grown up to be scared by them when I wake up in a dimly lit bedroom, but I can still remember the relief of turning on a light to reveal a pile of clothes and toys that just happen to look like the outline of a monster. And now shadows, and what they may and may not be, seem to have become a big part of this game. In Lux and the Shadowmaker there will be shadows that don’t behave as shadows should. They may detach themselves and dance. They may disappear. They may encroach upon you if you can’t keep your wits (and some of the flitting lights) about you.


The image above is a shadow on a wall in a 17th Century cottage I stayed in with a trio of writing friends. The house didn’t creak too much at night. The shadows were delightful.

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