Looking up at a midnight sky

I’ve been persuaded to share a few more of the images that I have been generating as I play around with the content for Lux & The Shadowmaker, so here’s one that I made today when I was thinking about fields and stars, as Lux goes further than the midnight garden. What happens if you look up to the sky? I need to work out how much you will be able to see. In the VR/Oculus Rift version there will have to be even more of a 360∘ capability, so you can look down and up as well as over your shoulder. I will have to brush up on my constellations and work out what a Northern Hemisphere midsummer sky looks like, unless I just make up some constellations.  I also have  a few ideas about what sort of things might be flying around on a full moon in a magical place, and the sort of sounds they might make; fluttering, flapping, breathing heavily…

Field and woods at night

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