So much to tell!

Not sure where to start!

Team assembled, team working, discussing scenes and levels and gameplay. This has involved much scrawling (mostly mine) on the big sheets of paper I used to help me map out the terrrain of the game – where to have doors, walls, animals and birdbaths. It is still early days yet but we have a very good beginning; you can wander along a path and through a gate, encounter flying balls of light and throw them to make the Shadowmaker disappear. Currently working out how a Shadowmaker would move – Sean has put an image file on a projector to make the Shadowmaker appear as a shadow and move towards the player along the ground. This means it can also slither up walls. I’m still trying to work out if we need to see the clawed feet.

Lux Game Dev Screenshot

We also have a new part time member of the dev team – Katie Coulton, an illustrator who wants to see if she likes working in games development, so is coming on board to help create some assets for the game. She has already made her first 3D object – an acorn, which will be a Very Useful Thing to look for when playing the game. Katie has also constructed a birdbath to go in the walled garden and is promising more as she gets to grips with the software. Here’s a little taster of her work:

Katie Birdbath
Katie Birdbath

We have had some great input from Bristol Games Hub people, who have helped with questions about the finer points of using Unity and creating visual assets, and we’re very grateful to them all, but especially Ben Trewhella and Tomas Rawlings who have taken time to sit and discuss the project overall.



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