And the walls came a-tumbling down

Yesterday was going really well. We had bushes, stones, Fey spawning all over the place and flying where you threw them, a beautifully nebular sky and the promise of a large full moon. I managed to scare myself a few times trying to outrun The Shadowmaker (which made me think that an Explore mode might be nice for those times when you don’t want to generate more adrenaline in your system) and managed to make an Old Penny to scatter somewhere in the garden (more on the pennies later).

So it was looking good.










Then I tried to play it on my macair laptop, and it all fell over rather spectacularly. Too many triangles, allegedly. The screenshot below shows a fallen obelisk where there should be a garden wall.








Cue much scratching of chins and helpful suggestions from passing Gameshubbers. Looks like I will have to take the family pc laptop with me to show the game to the Media Molecule people, but we (Team Pretty Digital ) are going to try and build a version to run on the mac and see what happens. I’m very aware that most of my crowdfund supporters do not necessarily have the latest, speediest computers with super-duper graphics cards so we have to make sure we create something they can play!

I’m going to have another go at reloading the Unity project onto my laptop later today to see if that helps – it could be a corrupted file, or it could just be that I need better equipment to develop on. In theĀ  meantime, I went and bought some charcoal and a putty rubber to sketch out more ideas.



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