Is it really a month?

It’s actually over a month since the last post – the moon has been and gone but is still hanging in there in our game sky even if the nebula was first replaced by a cloudy off-the-peg sky and now by our own starry night.  I have been playing with Spacescape, an app which you can use to build your own skyboxes for games, and we have ended up with something a littler subtler than the lurid purpley blue nebula I shared last time on here. (Have to say, I was so fond of those skies I must make a Deep Space Game.)

Anyhow. To make a skybox for a 3D game you need to generate the sides of a cube with all your stars and planets and such like on it, and you can use photoshop but Spacescape makes it easier – I may still edit the images a little to get some constellations in there. We still haven’t quite got the moon right, as it can go skewhiff from some viewpoints. That is either because we have used a big flat disc for the moon or because I still haven’t got the hang of my varifocals.

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 12.49.50








So now we have ten days to go before the time and money run out! At the moment the main focus is on delivering a version to share with our backers, and this is already overdue!

Tonight we are showing the project to the Unity meet up at Bristol Games Hub, so fingers crossed for good feedback, and that we have time to incorporate it!

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