Ada’s still jumping

Today I’ve been revisiting Tick Tock Terror! ~ the game from my first ever gamejam, back in 2012, when I teamed up with Kimmi Gan (@kopijunkie) & Terri Mardel (@tez82mardel) at the Refig-funded XX Games Jam in London. It was a great introduction to games jams, and they were a fun team to work with. I did the artwork on my old netbook, pixel by pixel, Kimmi coded and Terri was game design.

The theme was clockwork, and so we came up with the idea of Ada Lovelace, spanner in hand, jumping on bits of the analytical engine to send cogs whizzing down onto a clockwork crocodile. I’d forgotten all the sound effects!

We got a special mention for having a working game that looked good. Still chuffed, especially as I had gone along to the jam thinking I had little to contribute. So that’s why I think game jams are great as an intro to making games, and to give anyone starting out a confidence boost.