art practice

I’m attempting to pull together a portfolio, drawing together from so many sources. There is some stuff about my work alongside random musings on featherhouse

I also blog about objects and shedding them, which is related to my creative practice: #todayithrewout

…slowly adding past work/exhibitions here:

2016 featherhouse ~ Window Wanderland

2010 My First Crush, Southbank Arts Trail, Bristol

2009 featherhouse in Tate Modern at Rob Pruitt’s Flea Market

2009 Piccadilly Dalliance at What Happens After The Ball?

2009 A Reason For Being in Berlin at Decima Gallery’s “Britain’s Rubbish”, Berlin, Germany

2000 constance & ‘featherhouse’ at Losing the Plot, Cheltenham Festival of Literature, Pump Rooms Cheltenham

1998 ‘featherhouse’ at Dreamhouses New Media Exhibition, Fstop Gallery, Bath

the first featherhouse

1994 Media, Myth & Mania ~ published on Silver To Silicon – The Photographic Image In Digital Culture, CD-ROM, Artec, London

1994 Nellie – hand-drawn animated short, part of Tales My Mother Told Me, shown at Cornershop studios, Bristol and Plymouth film festival

1992 jelly legg’d chicken art gallery (group show) Reading

1992 Fresh Art ’92 (group show) business exhibition centre, Islington, London

1992 Bristol Polytechnic Degree Show

1991 Dance Centre Gallery, (group show) Bristol

1991 Women’s Art Works (group show) Bristol

1991 Whole Baked Café (solo exhibition) Bristol

1991 “making an exhibition of myself” (solo exhibition) All Hallow’s, Bristol